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At Suvidya we are committed to providing quality education to rural school children using technology. Creating quality education material, especially, in vernacular media is no doubt an involved and time-consuming process. We use a web based content authoring tool for this purpose.

Our goal for the first phase of the project is to create and distribute enriched content based on Karnataka state board syllabus for Kannada medium schools. This is where you can help us. If you love teaching and crave to make a difference, enroll yourself as a volunteer with us. Besides vernacular content creation, there is ample scope for creating many language-independent enrichment material such as photographs, images, illustrations, animations etc., Click here for the complete list.

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Here is the process we follow to begin our relationship with you, our new volunteer

Content creation is an on-going process. Once one standard is completely catered to, we move on to the next higher and the next lower standards until all the standards from 1-10 are covered.